Step 1. Visit a Service: Like we said, here at FBC you're not only welcome but you're wanted. During the service, you can connect with Pastor Dillon and his family, and get to know the church family on a personal basis.

Step 2. Enroll in a Connection Class: Here you'll be part of a relaxed one-time small group meeting where you'll learn what we believe and why we believe it. You'll gain more insight into the church and its history.

Step 3.  Become a Member: You can become a member of Fundamental Baptist Church one of three ways:

Baptism after Salvation:
The Bible instructs every person who has accepted Christ as their personal Savior to be baptized. Baptism is a public testimony of the faith you have placed in Jesus Christ. When a person is baptized at FBC, they are added to the membership of the church.

Statement of Faith or Transfer of Letter:
If you have already accepted Christ and was baptized in a church whose doctrine is in agreement with FBC, you may present your testimony of salvation and be voted into membership. This is done through your statement of faith or transfer of membership from another baptist church. You may do this by stepping forward and speaking with Pastor Dillon anytime after your connection class.

Statement of Faith by Baptism:
If you have accepted Christ but have not been baptized in a church of like faith, you will be asked to publicly identify with Christ and the FBC family by baptism into membership. We are committed to maintaining a doctrinal unity in this day of confusion and doctrinal compromise. 

 Step 4. Enroll in One-on-One Discipleship: Here you'll meet with Pastor Dillon (if you're a man), Mrs. Dillon (if you're a woman), or a trained member of FBC periodically throughout the year. You'll enjoy fellowship, Bible study, and ministry training on a one on one level. Discipleship is meant to equip you for everyday Christian service, and to ground you in the Word of God. You'll also get answers to many of your spiritual questions.


Trey Dillon, Pastor


1120 S. Irving Street

Denver, CO 80219

P.O. Box 11536 

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